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Sean Casey

You either train your mind, and create the life that you want or react to life and it will train your mind for you

Sean Casey

12-year Major League Baseball first baseman MLB Network Broadcaster and Analyst since 2009, Host of The Mayor's Office show on youtubePhilanthropist, keynote speaker, mental performance and breakthrough coach.  Sean, nicknamed “The Mayor” by his fellow players for his outgoing personality, and named the Friendliest Player In Baseball by 600 fellow MLB players in a 2007 Sports Illustrated poll. Sean’s nice and friendly personality was contrasted by being a fierce competitor. Sean built his career on his ability to take high leverage and high stress situations, and channeling them into huge successes.

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Sean has been a sought after motivational keynote speaker for over 16 years, and travels all over the country and beyond sharing his secrets to success on and off the field with companies and organizations. His ability to motivate and inspire through his legendary storytelling is the ultimate keynote experience for all who attend.

  • MENTAL PERFORMANCE - Sean has been a long time mental and physical performance coach to coaches,  athletes, entertainers, and high achievers, using the tools he employed during his highly successful baseball career, giving them access to their superpowers within.

  • MLB CAREER - In 1995, Sean was the 2nd-round-pick for the Cleveland Indians and was called up to play for them in 1997. Sean went on to play for the Cincinnati Reds (1998-2005) where he became one of the most beloved players in franchise history and was inducted into the Red’s Hall of Fame in 2012. In 2006, he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and was traded to the the Detroit Tigers (2006-07) where he hit .529 with 2 home runs in the World Series.  The three-time All-Star proudly retired with the Boston Red Sox in 2008 and joined the Lifetime 300 Hitter Club with a career batting average of .302 and .410 in the postseason.  In Sean’s career, he hit  130 home runs, 735 RBI with an 814 OPS, finished in the top 10 in National League batting average three times and had six seasons in which he hit above .300.


John Dennis

We don't live this life for victory we live this life from victory

John Dennis 

As a health and sports performance coach John Dennis (JD) has coached Olympic, Pro, Collegiate, High School, grade school, as well as all general fitness levels.  JD's ability to meet people where they are and unlock their full potential not only physically but mentally has helped both athletes and individuals not only meet but exceed all aspects of performance.  

  • KEYNOTE SPEAKER/Mental Performance - JD has spoke all over the country as well as internationally. He has brought a message of strength and hope to everywhere he speaks from locally, regionally, to internationally.  Whether speaking to a group of clients, athletes, or individuals he is going to challenge you with being grateful where you are and truly understanding nothing is stopping you from where you want to go!  Most importantly he is a resource to be with you every step of the way!

  • Athletic Career - After a collegiate football career at West Chester University JD had tryouts with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Rush, Philadelphia Soul, and finally landing a roster spot for the inaugural Laredo Law of the Arena Football League.  After football JD went onto compete in Strongman which led to him all over the country and world.  The peak of his career came when he represented the United States of America in Eztergom Hungary as well as Niece France!  During his career he showed his ability to challenge his mind and body by being a national level competitor as a Super Heavyweight (355lbs) as well as a middle weight (231lbs).    By focusing his career on the process he was able to see the results in the form of numerous recognitions, state, national records and numerous podium finishes.   

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